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Our parents - Severo and Angelita Reyna Circa 1930

                 Photo circa 1947:           Easter Sunday at Falcon Lake (Presa Falcon)

                Left to right: Guadalupe (Lupin) Angelica (Nena) Severo Jr. (Nune) Alicia.



Six out of eight Reyna kids pose for a photo.  Two of their siblings had not been born yet.  First row, left to right: Angelica, Guadalupe. On the truck, left to right: Raul holding baby Severo Jr, Alicia, Ruben.

Our family did not become migrant workers until two years later when our parents started looking for work in other states.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  .....as time goes by


The Reyna family had ancestors who were displaced Mexicans after the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo of 1848.

This is a multigenerational story of eight siblings who aspire for acceptance in their own native American country.

Hardships, adventure, and humorous events unfold during the 1940’s and 50’s when the family became migrant workers.

When Severo’s life cycle ends, the family honor their father’s request to have his remains return to Mexico and “reunite” with his umbilical cord. It would be his last ride on the Los Ebanos Ferry which has an International Port of Entry for U.S.-Mexico border.  He and his family had cross the Rio Grande River hundreds of times to go see kinfolks who lived San Miquel, Tamp., Mexico. The small town was approximately 4 miles from the U.S.A. border. The Reyna family lived in Los Ebanos, Texas in the late 1940's.


Angélica Reyna was born in Mercedes, Texas in 1941, she is an American of Mexican descent. She grew up being a migrant worker, constantly changing schools five or more times a year. She traveled, camped, and worked with Braceros and Mexican families.  Her family picked cotton in the Midwest in the 1940s, and followed the harvest in the Mideast in the 1950s.

The author says; "God blessed me with a good memory for recalling my early years. I had a journal filed in my brain, a diary about the America I knew. The America, Norman Rockwell never painted."

"Lack of education discouraged me from writing this book, my husband (my Wizard of Oz) gave me the confidence I needed. I started taking writing and computer classes. My first book was fiction, but I wanted to make it non-fiction. I wrote this book with my siblings' approval and blessings."


 I have edited and added more  memories of events to this new book.

 If you read the first fiction, Last Ride on the Ferry, you will like this one even better. It has a different cover as well as a  different publisher.      


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